Working In Fashion Media – “Your Media Brand” Assignment

Parsons School of New York ‘Fashion Essentials’ Course Assignment

One year ago, I started my own blog called I focus on topics within the Fashion and Entertainment industry whole also focusing on some other things I love such as, books, travelling, and graphic design. Whether I’m talking about my favourite looks from an awards show, fashion week, or reviewing one of my favourite movies and favourite books of the month, I noticed a wide variety of readers who come check out my posts. It is very interesting to see how people discover your site and study the statistics of people accessing and reading your posts. 

I used the website application WordPress to design and build out my website and continuously use it for other things within my site as well. WordPress does an amazing job at holding statistics using their own application called “Jetpack” within the program. Jetpack provides you with specific details about who has visited your site, which country they are from and how they discovered your site while also demonstrating the information in graphs and detailed percentages. One thing I found very interesting was discovering where my readers and followers are from. Not only are they my friends in Canada but people all over the world have read my posts. WordPress was able to tell me that people from the United States, United Kingdom, Philippines, Greece, Saudi Arabia, Germany, Morocco, Argentina, and the Netherlands have checked out my blog and read various posts. It is very rewarding knowing that someone who can be on the complete other side of the world has read your posts and followed you wanting to read more of your work. The most popular time that my audience visits my website is at 8pm on the weekend or on Wednesdays. 

One of the most interesting parts of my research was finding out how my readers access my website. 75% of visitors are through social media. I had a very strong presence on Instagram where I would promote my work on stories, through various engaging posts and even tried TikTok. The other 25% of my readers were discovering my posts through the WordPress community. 

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