Brooklyn…I love you

Sad to say, during rough times like this, travelling has been scratched from many people’s to-do list. The pandemic has put a pause on vacations and has changed the way several countries operate…for now at least.

Since travelling won’t be on my list for some time, until things get “back to normal,” I’ve decided to create a section in my blog called “Travel Archives”. Travel Archives will showcase my experiences around the world, highlighting favoured food establishments, scenery, popular attractions and my overall adventures in that place!

I wanted to dedicate my first article to the best New York City trip EVER!! I went this time last year and thought it was appropriate to start the blog with some “Travel Archives”. This was my first trip without my family, and I had gone with one of my best friends, Natalie. I love to call her the tour guide of NYC because she goes quite frequently during the year (JEALOUS!), always hits up the best spots and not to mention, always has the BEST outfits!!! This was exciting for me, as I said I had never been on a trip outside the country without my parents. This was definitely going to be an experience like no other.

We had been wanting to go during our reading week in October and had been searching for hotels for quite some time. Due to last minute bookings, we decided to stayed in Brooklyn! We booked our tickets, booked the hotel and flew to New York.  It was my second time on a plane, and I was super nervous. I remember laughing the whole entire time as we were boarding because for some odd reason, when I get nervous, I laugh (probably not the best for some occasions but this was acceptable). Poor Nat, I am sure she found me very annoying. After what seemed a very quick flight we landed in the Big Apple. We rushed out of the airport hopped into our Uber and headed to our cute little hotel, POD 51. Because this was a quick four day vacation, we had our itinerary planned out and spent our first night exploring the streets of Brooklyn.

When we arrived at our hotel, we were super excited to get to our room, change into one of our planned outfits and head down to eat…we were starving!! Our room was the size of a shoe box, but it worked. We had bunk beds, I felt like I was a little kid (I got to sleep on the top) and had our own little TV’s attached to our bed and thankfully, every girl would be happy to hear this, we had a huge long mirror. After exploring our room for a total of 5 minutes, we got dressed and headed down to eat at Juliana’s Pizza!

Juliana’s is located in Dumbo, Brooklyn on Old Fulton Street, and was the first coal-fired oven commissioned in New York in over 50 years! Juliana’s is owned by Patsy Grimaldi, who previously owned the restaurant Grimaldi’s. I was thrilled to finally visit, as I wasn’t able to the last time I had visited NYC with family. Additionally, being a Gossip Girl fan, I couldn’t wait to visit, knowing the series spoke about Grimaldi’s a couple times. I knew Juliana’s had to be good if it was the same owner.  

We waited about 15-20 minutes in line, but it was completely worth it! As you can tell in the picture on the right, I was pretty happy to start eating. We ordered the Margarita…a classic. The pizza was AMAZING!! I would definitely recommend this place to anyone looking for some good, authentic pizza. Even if you aren’t staying in Brooklyn, take a cab or walk across the Brooklyn Bridge, then reward yourself with some delicious, thin-crust pizza.

After our delicious meal, we took a stroll down the street to the scenic lookout “The Brooklyn Bridge Park Pier 1”, that looked over the whole city of New York. Wow a picture could not do justice at how beautiful everything looked. When they say New York is the city that never sleeps, man are they right! The streets of Brooklyn were alive and full of joy, I loved it! On our way back, one block away, was a Milk Bar and we definitely had to stop off there for some dessert. I was full, but hey…there is always room for dessert when you are on vacation!! We picked up our cookies and treats and headed back to our hotel room to rest for the busy day we would have in the next 12 hours.

Here’s a cute picture of Nat holding our cookies…that we’re delicious!!!!

Fast-forward to our last night in New York. On our way back from our eventful day of festivities in Manhattan, we explored the streets of Brooklyn a little more. Our hotel was situated a few blocks away from another incredible lookout with a stunning view of New York. As we were walking to “Greenpoint Waterfront”, I was watching people laughing, singing, dancing and living their best lives. They looked like they hadn’t had one care in the world except for living in the current moment. That is one of my future goals. Living my best life, in New York City, surrounded by my amazing friends.

It was truly an extraordinary way to end our last night in Brooklyn.

The next morning, we wanted to do as much as we could before our evening flight. We packed away our clothes, stored our luggage in the lobby, checked out of the hotel and got our walking shoes on. Stay tuned for another story where I will mention my choice of wearing the most UNCOMFORTABLE shoes exploring the city of Manhattan…beauty is pain. We decided to walk across the famous Brooklyn Bridge. Walking along the busy bridge, my biggest fear was dropping my phone or disposable camera off the side of the bridge…now that would have been a depressing end to a fun trip. I can now scratch “walking across the Brooklyn bridge” off my bucket list.

For anyone looking to go to New York City for their next trip, I would definitely recommend staying in Brooklyn. It may be a bit further from Manhattan and the city although it is a nice change and you get to explore the different culture that resides in Brooklyn.

Stay tuned for more articles about our time in the Upper East Side…xoxo Gossip Girl.

(See what I did there?)

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