100 Years of Fashion

For this week’s article I decided to do something a little different. I’m going to tell the story of how fashion has evolved through pictures and fun descriptions! I created this fashion zine in my third year of university and had so much fun making it! How could I not share it with all you guys?!

From the 1910’s to 2010, various trends have evolved and made a huge comeback, that many love! It is so fascinating to study the different styles that have come and gone over the years!! Roaring 20’s, High Society 50’s and Grunge 90’s are my all time favourite fashion era’s!! I love how every fashion era possesses a bold and unique statement that makes each and every year unique in it’s own way!

What is your favourite fashion era?

Capeside’s Fashion Couture

Jen Lindley, Pacey Witter, Dawson Leery, Joey Potter

Everyone, including myself, who watched Dawson’s Creek is probably obsessed with the Joey-Pacey love triangle that surfaced from season two and put us through a roller coaster of emotions (which was definitely worth the watch). If you weren’t rooting for Joey and Pacey, the entire duration of the show…I have no words for you. Netflix once stated in a tweet, “Pacey Witter: Setting unrealistic expectations for boyfriends since 1998” …and honestly, they couldn’t have said it any better.  

Although, that wasn’t the only memorable thing about the show. Throughout six amazing seasons, I also became obsessed with the featured Capeside couture. From Joey Potter’s tomboy looks, to Jen Lindley’s New York style choices, it is interesting to see which 2000s fashion trends have made a huge comeback.

Joey Potter; Season 3 Episode 15


Overalls are the one piece of clothing I believe will never go out of style. Whether you pair them with a long sleeve, or a crop top, they can add comfort and style to a “facile” outfit choice. Overalls were my go-to last summer when I would go on adventures with my friends. It is a quick, go-to outfit choice. Pair it with a cute coloured bandeau and you’re ready to go! Overalls were part of the iconic Joey Potter (Katie Holmes) tomboy wardrobe and my favourite look had to be in season 3 when she was painting her mural. She paired the overalls with pigtails and a cute bandana.

Joshua Jackson as character “Pacey Witter”

Patterned Shirts

Pacey Witter (Joshua Jackson) was the “King” of patterned shirts. In almost every scene if it wasn’t a long sleeve shirt, he was always wearing an extravagant patterned button up with a colourful t-shirt underneath. I would have to say, Pacey’s wardrobe reflected his character immensely…wild and fun. Working in retail, I notice that many men’s button downs still have captivating and compelling prints. From animal print, to floral print the 90s trend of patterned shirts have definitely made a comeback.

Pacey Witter (Joshua Jackson) & Joey Potter (Katie Holmes)

Bucket Hats

Bucket Hats have made a HUGE comeback and are more popular now than ever. Whether you are going to the beach or just want to accessorize your city look, a bucket hat is the perfect pair. I’m guilty of purchasing a couple of them this past summer and wore them all the time. Jen, Joey and Pacey have all worn bucket hats throughout the seasons. Some being very extravagant and other being the typical black or beige bucket hat.

Dawson Leery (James Van Der Beek)

Plaid Flannels

Sad to say my least favourite character, Dawson Leery (James Van Der Beek) always wore these, BUT it has become a huge fashion trend this year. Plaid flannels are a full fall mood. From oversized plaid jackets to plaid flannels of every colour, plaid has made a huge comeback! You can dress it up with a pair of leather leggings, create a casual look with a pair of jeans and even throw it over a t-shirt. Plaid flannels are an easy and effortless look, when you’re just hanging out with friends or honestly heading anywhere…just throw on a flannel.

Joey Potter (Katie Holmes) and Eddie Doling (Oliver Hudson)

Oversized Denim Jackets

Even I can agree that oversized denim jackets have been around forever. Oversized denim jackets can be paired with a cute coloured sweatsuit set or even be paired with a cute night on the town summer look! This is a staple and versatile clothing item for both men and women, that can be worn during every season and I see it being a trend for a very long time to come!!

Joey Potter (Katie Holmes)

Crop Tops

A huge fashion statement in the 90s and more popular now than ever!! This article of clothing was an essential fashion item for ladies in the 90s. A crop top was either paired with a denim skirt, high rise shorts or low rise jeans to show off figure. Fast-forward to 2020, you still see these trends around!! You can dress up or dress down a crop top…it is perfect for any occasion!! Pair it with some mom jeans or even sweat pants and you are good to hit the streets! This chic combination is a favourite of many celebrities and street wear models!

Minus all the drama and best moments in Dawson’s Creek, the fashion was another obsession of mine from the show. If you know me, you know that if I could take a time machine, I would love to have been a 20-year-old in the 90s, witnessing all these trends, music, shows and movies, first hand.

P.S. this is for all you Jacey lovers who do not want to believe they got a divorce and who want to believe they are still together!

Also one last question for all my Dawson Creek fans…